Marshals release new information on fugitive's capture

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We're learning more about the capture of one of Lexington's most wanted fugitives, who escaped a Lexington courthouse. He's been on the run for 307 days after being convicted of rape, sodomy, and other charges in Lexington.

John Buckley IV walked away from the Fayette County Courthouse last July, minutes before a jury convicted him of raping his girlfriend.
The U.S. Marshals Service says that Buckley moved around a lot, spending time in New York, Georgia, West Virginia, Colorado, and Wyoming.

The Marshals service says one of Buckley's rape victims spotted him two weeks ago in Colorado at a movie theater.

"We want the victims to know that we hope that this brings them peace because he's going to be brought to justice and has been caught," said U.S. Marshal Loren "Squirrel" Carl.

Police were then able to track him to the Laramie, Wyoming area. They think he had only been there for a few days. Officers approached him at his hotel, Sunset Inn, on Wednesday and arrested him after a short foot chase to Interstate 80.

"My person opinion is that he ran from here. He ran which to me is a cowardly act so he was a coward when he ran yesterday too," said Deputy U.S. Marshal Craig Smith.

According to U.S. Marshals, Buckley had changed his appearance, growing a beard and growing out his hair. Marshals say that's not uncommon for fugitives.

"He had changed his identity, and he was completely different," said U.S. Marshal Carl. "He had multiple identities, he had multiple telephones, and as you can tell from me saying that earlier, he had changed his address several times to avoid being caught."

Police say he also had multiple cell phones when he was caught. And they haven't ruled out that he might have spent some time in the wilderness when friends and family weren't housing him.

Federal prosecutors filed court documents Thursday to have Buckley moved from Wyoming to Kentucky. But officials do not have a timeline of when he's expected back in the Bluegrass.

Buckley will be sentenced in Kentucky and faces further charges including a federal one.

Also, authorities believe several people helped him avoid capture during the 10 months he was on the run. The U.S. Marshals Service says more people could face charges in this case.

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