Masked man cuts open Subway safe in Berea

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BEREA, Ky. (WKYT) - It's 12:50 Monday morning, no one is in the Subway store in Berea because no one should be. That is until the sandwich shop gets a late night visitor.

"He was smart enough to go in through the back door, nobody would've seen him go in there," started Sgt. Jake Reed of the Berea Police Department, "he may have used some kind of tool to pry open the back door."

With the lights on, the man makes his way past the supplies to the front of the store where he finds the safe.

"There's lights on in there and (yet) he was walking around like it was nothing," remarked Lori Vallandingham, who manages the books for the Subway shop.

"Unless somebody was really looking, they would not have seen him inside the business," said Sgt. Reed.

Once he makes it to the register, the suspect finds the safe under the counter and goes to work. With sparks flying, the masked man cut the door to the safe, then set his handheld circular saw down and loaded up his bag with an undetermined amount of cash.

Then moments later, he's gone. Police say he spent a total of ten minutes in the shop. However, there were no cameras outside the store to show how the suspect got away.

"It was very frightening," said Vallandingham, "seeing the ease of it. He was very skilled in what he did, he was in and out in no time."

While the suspect has his face covered, police say they still have received some tips which is offering them hope that this criminal can be caught.

"It makes it pretty difficult, (but) we've had, like I said, some people call in and give tips and we're getting photos of those people and trying to match them up," said Sgt. Reed.

While the Subway staff is disturbed seeing the crime unfold on their cameras, they know it's something that may help find the masked man.

Police say this burglary is not connected to any other crimes.

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