Masked man robs Lexington restaurant at gunpoint

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Two female employees were inside of the Subway when the robber walked in. They told WKYT, off camera, it was quick, but frightening.

"We're still canvassing the area to determine if anyone has seen anything," says Lt. Mark Brand, Lexington Police. "If anyone has seen anything, if they could please give us a call, we'd appreciate it."

Just before 9:30 Saturday morning, police say a black man wearing a white mask, white hoodie and blue shorts walked into a Subway off Nicholasville Road.

Two employees were inside when the man pulled out a gun and demanded money. Police say he put some cash into a plastic bag then took off out the back door. He only got away with a small amount of cash.

Employees tell police the man was about 5'5", 175 pounds. The restaurant does have surveillance video of the crime, but police are still working to gather more clues.

"The detectives will have to look to see if this is connected to any other robberies, or if the suspect meets the description, or resembles any other robberies," Lt. Brand says. "But right now, it doesn't. It looks like it's separate from those others."

Police say right now there's no reason to believe this robbery is connected to other recent crimes around town, but it is something they're looking into.

Employees at the Subway say this isn't the first time that location has been robbed. The same thing happened there a few months ago.

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