Maxwell Elementary School evacuated after a water pipe burst


The classrooms at Maxwell Elementary were empty on Wednesday. But, even a pipe leak wasn't enough for the students to have the day off from lessons.

"The kids had suggested since were so close to Woodland Park, that we go to Woodland Park. But we told them we had everything we needed in our learning bags to take," says Heather Bell, the Principal of Maxwell Elementary School.

But instead students, teachers, and staff headed to the Woodland Christian Church.

"There's math going on, there is science. And you know, we had done a school-wide musical, so they're singing free to be you and me," adds Bell.

"It is kind of weird to be over here instead of at school, but it's fun," says Madeline Farrar, a fifth grader.

But most students tell WKYT reporter, Brittany Pelletz there was a favorite part to their day.

"That we get to eat pizza and that we're out of school , sort of," says Case Mitchell, a third grader.

Crews worked throughout the afternoon to clean up the mess.

"It looked very messy and very wet. You know it looked like being in a rain forest," says Bell.

Most of the classrooms were spared from water damage. But repairs will need to be made in some of the main areas.

"It got saturated. So we did have some of those ceiling tiles fall," says Bell.

While the kids had a fun day, Maxwell Elementary School principal says they will likely be back on campus Thursday.

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