McConnell ad seizes on recording, far left jabs

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - The McConnell campaign will begin airing a statewide TV spot on Friday that seizes on a secret recording of the senator that is tied to a liberal super PAC.

The spot titled "How Dirty?" claims McConnell is President Barack Obama's "number one target" and that "liberals will do anything to beat McConnell."

The ad cites the secret recording, which sparked an FBI investigation last week and is tied to the fringe group Progress Kentucky. It also cites Progress Kentucky's tweet in February that referenced the Asian heritage of McConnell's wife, for which the group later apologized.

McConnell's spot points to another ad, made by the liberal group Americans United for Change, which claims McConnell is aligned with al-Qaeda because he opposes background checks for gun buyers.

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