Police bust meat peddler for dealing heroin while on the job

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LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - An undercover operation helped police bust a meat delivery man they say was using his job to sell drugs.

Police say Kerry Thompson, 34, was delivering meat for Frankfort-based company, Holy Cow Steak Company, but Lawrenceburg police say, along with steaks, he was serving up heroin.

Tammy Purvis is the owner of the company and says she was shocked to learn about her employee getting arrested.

"We sell wholesale meats. We've also recently serve ice cream," says Purvis.

Purvis tells WKYT that she started Holy Cow Steak Company about three years ago,"We do steak, chicken, pork, and seafood wholesale to put food on the table for you know, people who have a hard time being able to go to the grocery stores."

She has several employees who drive decorated delivery trucks.

It turns out Lawrenceburg Police had a bone to pick with one of Purvis's employees. Police say for several months they have received tips about Thompson dealing drugs on the street.

It was on US 127 South, where Lawrenceburg Police say they spotted the Holy Cow Steak Company van. After pulling the vehicle over, police say they found Thompson and that he was serving up much more than meat.

"He seemed to be a very loyal, you know, employee," says Purvis.

Police say they caught Thompson in the middle of a drug transaction selling heroin to one of their confidential informants.

" I was shocked. I was very unaware that he was doing anything like that. I was really, it really upset me," Purvis says.

Police believe this is an isolated incident. Purvis says she is determined to make sure nothing like this ever happens again, "Anybody that I hire, we do do drug testing when we do hire people. And we do do background checks. But I think I'm going to be a whole lot more strict now. I think I'm going to do the drug testing a whole lot more often."

Thompson is listed in the Shelby County Detention Center. He faces a first degree trafficking of a controlled substance charge.

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