Memorial built for Knox County house fire victims

GRAY, Ky. (WKYT) - Seven crosses to remember seven lives lost. Plus an 8th to remember a baby that was on the way, but never arrived.

“I just want them to remember. We want to remember and not forget,” said Gene “Wes” Disney.

Disney tore down the burnt out shell of his son’s home, and replaced it with crosses, toys, and other reminders of the children that meant so much to him.

“The three weren’t his children but they called us Mamaw and Papaw,” said Disney, who was the father of Jesse Disney.

Jesse Disney was engaged to Nina Asher. Her three children and the two spending the night were all three year old and younger.

“5 of the victims were in church the Sunday prior,” said Rev. David Johnson of the Indian Gap Baptist Church.

Johnson says the tragedy has brought his congregation closer, despite the awfulness of so many lives lost.

“You know there’s always the question why, only God knows that. Like Wes said, we will understand that,” said Johnson.

Disney and his wife have been able to help neighbors dealing with the loss of children, since it’s something they know much too well.

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