Memorial ride in honor of bicyclist who was killed

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - He was killed while riding his bike in downtown Lexington, and today dozens honored him riding in his honor.

It happened October 24 just off Midland Avenue when 41-year-old Jason Baines was hit by a car.

"It seems like it seeps in a little bit more each day," said Joe Sirkle, Jason's friend.

They rode together for more than 20 years until his biking partner was killed in an accident.

"It's tough to lose somebody that close and suddenly like that and that young," said Sirkle.

So in honor of Baines, dozens of his friends and coworkers rode at Veterans Park.

It was the first memorial ride for Jason, but his friends and family tell us they hope to make it an annual event to remember Jason and his love for biking.

"We were actually suppose to ride the day after he got killed, so we kind of figured this was one way to continue that ride," said Sirkle.

The five-mile loop these bikers rode is a familiar one for some who remember hitting the trails with Jason.

"It's just kind of odd going through some of the sections by myself now that he and I would have been tearing up together, so I don't think I'll ever ride through here without thinking about it," said Sirkle.

And although one biker is missing, those close to him say they'll never forget how fun Jason was to be around and his love for the sport.

"It's kind of nice for everybody to get together and have a good time in Jason's memory," said Sirkle.

Family and friends are also working to get a ghost bike posted at the crash site off Midland Avenue soon.

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