Memorial ride scheduled for bike rider killed in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Friends of the Lexington bike rider killed last month in a wreck are preparing to honor him at one of his favorite places.

Jason Baines died while trying to cross Midland Avenue on his bicycle during rush hour last month. Friends say there isn't a biker in town that Baines didn't help.

"If you've thrown a leg over a bicycle, you knew Jason. He's been such a big part of Lexington's bicycle community for so many years that everybody knew him," explained friend Joe Sirkle.

Baines had worked at a number of bike shops in town, most recently, the Lexington Bicycle Center.

"We started riding together probably 22 years ago. We rode together for all those years, up until he was killed. We were supposed to ride the next day," said Sirkle.

Baines died back in October, when he was crossing Midland Avenue during rush hour. Sirkle says the law school graduate enjoyed helping people discover a love for biking.

"Real positive guy. If you had bike problems on the trail, he would take care of them. Didn't get upset if you ask him."

It's that love for the sport that his friends are hoping lives on.

"He was in bikes pretty much of his entire life. Before he was a mechanic, he was racing BMX. He raced road bikes. Then he raced mountain bikes. He lived bikes."

They're organizing a memorial bike ride for him Sunday at one of his favorite places, Veterans Park. The ride begins at noon. All bikers are welcome to join.

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