Mercer County deputies check on sex offenders

MERCER COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A central Kentucky county is taking extra steps to make sure convicted sex offenders aren't breaking the rules.

Mercer County Sheriff Ernie Kelty says U.S. marshals already had been going to the county to make sure sex offenders were following the rules, but he decided to take it one step further.

Now, every 90-days deputies drive around checking up on Mercer County's 29-registered sex offenders.

They're looking for correct addresses, social media accounts and email addresses that have to be registered.

Mercer County Sheriff's Deputy Wes Gaddis says "If they are on violation of any of the laws, we need to enforce that. We do have people out there that look closely at that. It's basically for everyone's safety and protection and mainly that they are not violating any of the laws."

The state doesn't require counties to do their own checks, but Deputy Gaddis says they help keep records more up-to-date with the Probation and Parole office and US Marshals' office.

So far, two of the 29 sex offenders have been found to be non-compliant.
Mercer County isn't the first to do its own checks; Boyle County had already been doing them.

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