Meteor streaks through the sky

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Did you see anything unusual in the sky overnight?

If you did, you weren't alone.

Some people in Kentucky reported seeing a bright light and just to our east in West Virginia many people reported seeing a fireball!

Friday morning we received a report of a bright light and the ground shaking from a viewer in Harrodsburg on Facebook.

We decided to investigate a little deeper and traveled to Morehead State University to meet up with Dr. Thomas Pannuti, associate professor of space science and astrophysics.

“These occurances aren’t that uncommon. We are constantly seeing particles entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Some of these are only the size of a grain of sand and burn up quickly,” Dr. Panutti said.

According to NASA a basketball sized meteor entered the earth's atmosphere above South Carolina travelling at around 78,000 mph and eventually burned up over the Tennessee Country side.

Dr. Pannuti says if you see something odd in the night sky you can report it to the American Meteor Society.

But with Billions of known galaxies in the universe something is always falling out of the sky.

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