Mid-May frost sends gardeners scrambling

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The sun was shining Sunday and the weather was warm enough for shoppers to hit the Sunshine Grow Shop searching for this year's additions to their flower beds and pots.

"We've had a real good weekend, you know, I think everybody is in the mood to plant right now, including us," said owner, Joe Ellis.

The only problem is the weather wasn't exactly cooperating.

"Getting ready for some spring flowers, it is kind of shocking, though, tonight there is going to be a frost advisory. It's the middle of May," expressed customer, Wayne Wise.

"You can say that again, that's for sure," chimed in Ellis who added that the overnight cold snap has him heated.

"Well, I don't know if I can say it all on TV, but certainly we're concerned about some of our flowers. (It) Certainly has an affect on how we view the Spring, that's for sure. We were just talking about it today, (we) said, 'The weather giveth and the weather taketh away.' Looks like this week it's going to take away."

For Ellis' shop, this weekend was the first in a while where the weather has been nice enough to get out and work, and he's seen the boost at the sales counter. However, he's now bracing for the frost and what that might do to roughly 15- to 20% of his inventory that are "cold sensitive."

"That's thousands of dollars so we will work on covering (the flowers)," said the owner.

He even began passing along the warning to his customers, still he's optimistic.

"At most you might suffer a little leaf damage, I don't think it will kill anything. And you know, like I said, gardeners are resilient, we can pick off a few leaves and keep on smiling."

"I think the ones we buy tonight we'll probably just wait a few days to plant," figured Wise.

So as the day slipped away over the Sunshine Grow Shop, so did the covers over the flowers, and Ellis figures he'll have to return sometime overnight to check on the flowers and the thermometer.

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