Middlesboro Middle School student stabbed in leg at school

MIDDLESBORO, Ky. (WYMT) - Police say a Middlesboro Middle School student is facing charges for stabbing another student in the leg at school.

Police say on Wednesday, two boys were playing a game stabbing each other with pencils when one student pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed the other one in the leg.

Police say the student went to the hospital with a minor stab wound.

"It wasn't a fight. Nobody was mad at anybody but they got to playing around and a knife comes out and the next thing you know, somebody's gone to the hospital with a wound to his leg, and it's serious because it could've been so much worse," said Jeff Sharpe, Middlesboro Police Chief.

Knives are also not allowed on school property.

The student charged is in juvenile court and no information on his case can be released.

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