Mild winter last year helps city's salt supply this year

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Whenever winter weather strikes this winter, Lexington Mayor, Jim Gray wants you to know that the city is ready for it.

"All this is about being prepared for salting, plowing, and keeping clear 1,100 lane miles in Lexington and Fayette County," says Gray.

For this winter, the city is equipped with 49 vehicles and 5,500 tons of salt for de-icing. Last year's winter only called for 1,800 tons of salt which means there is plenty left over for this one.

"I think last year, we may have expended less than $300,000 on de-icing materials. The winter before it was well over a million," says Sam Williams, Director of Street and Roads.

If 5,500 tons of salt isn't enough, Streets and Roads staff say the city's supplier is less than a mile away.

City staff also say they are looking into the possibility of constructing an additional salt barn in Lexington.

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