Millions hit the road for Thanksgiving

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Travel experts expect about 43 million people to be on the road today, the busiest travel day of the year.

"Roads are going to be busy. The majority, 90% of them, will be going by road," said Christopher Oakford, spokesperson for AAA.

Lexington's been a popular stop for drivers on their way to a Thanksgiving dinner.

"Coming from Cincinnati, Ohio," said Shawn St. Clair.

"We're going back to Chillicothe, Ohio in time to make Thanksgiving dinner," said Jamey Rich.

They say so far, traffic hasn't been bad along I-75.

"You know it's actually been quite light. It seems like people got on the road earlier in the week and really paved the way for myself," said St. Clair.

"I've seen it worse in the past. It's not really bad yet. Tomorrow, who could make a guarantee?" said Rich.

One thing they have noticed though, is higher gas prices. According to the website, most gas stations in the Lexington area had about a 30 cent increase in prices.

"They've increased. There's no discernible reason why that should have taken place," said Oakford.

"It's not fun to see it. Especially on days of travel when people take advantage of the number of people on the roads," said St. Clair.

"I wish I would have known. This car uses premium gas," said Jonathan Puckett.

Travel analysts say one important thing to keep in mind is that all the people traveling for Thanksgiving will have to make a return trip. Drivers I talked to say they'll try to beat the crowd.

"We're going to come back early on Saturday morning, so I don't expect too much. I think most people will stay until Sunday," said Puckett.

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