BBB warns of 'One-ring' cell phone scam

WASHINGTON (AP) - The scams are called "ring and run", "dial and disconnect," or "one ring." but regardless of the nickname -- the goal is the same, to scam you out of your money

Criminals are back at targeting us with a simple phone call.

According to Forbes, the scam that is spreading now is coming from the area code 4-7-3.

The call might ring only once, leaving you a missed call number listed on your phone -- or a robocaller might stay on the phone after you have picked up -- but then drop the call.

But fight the urge to call back. Here's why -- it may look like it's a domestic number -- but that is where the scam is -- it's not.

This number uses the country code "1" like the United States but is actually from the international islands of Grenada -- meaning calling back could be very expensive for you.

Forbes reports that the criminals established the number as a premium service number, so your rate can exceed $20 just for the first minute alone.

So if this call comes in, make sure you ignore it, delete from your phone records then move on.

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