Missing Jessamine woman arrested in Fayette County

Brenda Suiter

LEXINGTON A woman reported missing in Jessamine County is facing charges in Fayette County on Wednesday morning.

According to court documents, Brenda Suiter is accused of forging about 59 checks, stealing more than $120,000 from her employer. Today, she was here in Fayette District Court to answer to those accusations.

At her arraignment Wednesday afternoon, Suiter pled not guilty. She declined to give her side of the story to media. Police say over several months, Brena Suiter stole more than $120,000 from her employer, Commonwealth Inspection Bureau. According to court records, the owner found out when he went to cash a check on on the business account and discovered there wasn't enough money. Police say he called his bookkeeper, Ms. Suiter and told her to look into it. He said when he got back to the office, she was gone, had locked the doors, left her keys on her desk and couldn't be reached.

"I can say pretty much the entire time we've looked into this case, we haven't been able to contact her," said Lexington Police spokesperson Sherelle Roberts.

Suiter is accused of writing 59 checks to either herself or her business, Wind Ridge Farm Collectibles. According to court documents, the checks totaled more than $124,000.

Suiter lives in Nicholasville, and was reported missing earlier this month after friends and family said they hadn't heard from her since August 30th. That was the same day that the owner of Commonwealth Inspection Bureau, Inc. discovered the missing funds. Tuesday, police say Suiter showed up in their lobby.

"Yesterday, she walked into our lobby right here and said, 'I'm Brenda Suiter, I believe you're looking for me and I'm here to turn myself in,'," said Roberts.

The Jessamine County Sheriff's Office did investigate Suiter's disappearance, but told WKYT at the time that they did not suspect foul play because Suiter had made email contact with a friend. Suiter is due back in court on September 20.

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