Missing horse back with owner after wild tale

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HARRISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Imagine losing your best friend. "It was just so devastating," that's how Kayla Singer described the pain of losing her soon-to-be 5-year-old horse over the weekend.

"I was in a panic. I've had this horse for years."

Singer and her boyfriend, Zach Damon, went to pick up the paint horse to move it to a new location, on Sunday. The horse was gone.

"It looked like somebody had undone the gate, but it had been shut back," she recalled.

"I walked through woods, I walked through rain, people's fields," continued Damon.

The couple knew something was wrong because they said the other horse was still there. Singer turned to Facebook hoping horse lovers would help find her hoofed friend, "Passion." Post after post pleaded for what seemed like the impossible.

"It just felt like forever, like I'd just possibly never find her," answered Singer.

As luck would have it, Tuesday night Kayla and her boyfriend got a call that would send their hearts racing.

"I kept on asking if he's sure it's that horse. He said, 'Yeah. If it's not she's got an identical twin to her,'" described Damon.

The man on the other end of the line, didn't want to be identified, but in a bizarre twist he's a friend of the Harrison County couple. Although, how he found "Passion" is a wild tale all of it's own.

"I was kind of surprised by the whole deal," he said.

This friend buys and sells horses, and on Tuesday a pair of strangers came to his door looking to sell three horses. He said that it's not uncommon to have strangers see his sign and stop in to get an estimate.

"It looked like them horses were on the trailer for a couple of days. There was all the feces and stuff on the ground, in the trailer, and they were standing in wet, nasty stuff."

He said the men looking to make the deal offered up a lot of history on two of the horses, they even told him they belonged to a family member that was selling the farm. However, the third horse, the paint horse, was tucked up at the front of the trailer and their story on her seemed fuzzy. He said they claimed to have caught her and estimated she was 9-years-old. This man took a look at the horse's teeth and realized she was closer to four. This buyer described the paint as worn down and hanging her head, signs that worried him. Still, he bought all three in an effort to save them. That night he logged onto Facebook and realized what a find he had.

"Somebody had shared Zach Damon's photo about a horse being stolen. I said, 'I'll be danged, that's the horse.' I knew I had her."

The couple came out to confirm it was indeed "Passion" and now the horse is back in the right reigns, and a pair of friends are reunited.

"We ended up with our happy ending," grinned Singer.

The couple has filed a report with the Harrison County Sheriff's Office. They say the case is under investigation.

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