Family reunited with show dog stolen from Fayette Mall

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A family lived a dog owner's worst nightmare. One of their dogs went missing, only this dog is worth thousands of dollars.

It's a relieving reunion after a dog's owner finds one of his two dogs missing from his truck in the Fayette Mall parking lot this weekend, and to make things more frantic he said the missing pup was his thousand dollar show dog.

Andrew Marvin says, "This weekend started really good. Our daughter is checking in as a freshman at UK so we ran to the mall to pick up some things."

Something was missing, though, when Marvin came back out to his truck.

Marvin says, "When we came back out we were missing one of our two dogs that were in international travel crates that are fastened in to the back of our pick up and when we came back one of the crates was opened and the dog was missing."

Marvin said in a Facebook post that the other dog was left alone.

"You're just shocked and scared to death," Marvin says. "I felt like I was kicked in the stomach."

To make matters worse, this was no ordinary missing pup. This is a show dog trained in Australia and worth thousands of dollars.

Marvin says, "We just put so much into these dogs for the last 30 years that losing one is like losing a member of the family. "

The Marvins turned to police, the Lexington lost and found and finally a break came Monday. "Fluffy" the Chesapeake Bay Retriever was found safe at a Gerogetown vet. There they say the dog was found a short distance away at an equine center.

Marvin says, "I'm not sure how she made it from the Fayette Mall to Georgetown, but she's here now and she's safe and that's the important thing."

Marvin says he had the dog checked and examined and everything has come back okay, but they still have no idea why only one dog went missing.

Fluffy did not have a collar, but the owner says in a Facebook post that the dog is microchipped.

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