Mistake leads to "Kentucky Blue Devils" shirts

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A mistake in the production of some UK shirts led some Wildcat fans to fume over the addition of an unwelcome name.

"That's Duke! That's not okay!" a student exclaimed.

UK students weren't happy to see the Duke moniker, "Blue Devils" plastered across the front of a Kentucky sweatshirt.

"Somebody's just trying to play some kind of trick. That's ridiculous!" said UK student Joshua Cockerill.

The shirt was in a pile of correctly embroidered Kentucky sweatshirts at the Lexington Sam's Club. Some people on campus were ready to light a torch.

"Burn them all. Every last one of them," said a Wildcat fan.

There were also some more creative ideas.

"We could cut the top of it off. Wear the top part. Girls would wear it," said another.

This isn't the only report of mislabeled UK clothing. A viewer sent WKYT pictures of a t-shirt he said he bought yesterday at Target with "Jayhawks" instead of "Wildcats" on the sleeve.

A manager at Sam's Club said they were pulling all the mislabeled shirts from the shelves.

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