Mistaken identity causes confusion in Montgomery County

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It's a story that's sparked outrage and surprise. Ashley King was indicted in Montgomery County for collecting money for her young boy, who she claimed had cancer. Only investigators say he doesn't have cancer, and the $2,000 she collected was taken by deception.

The problem is there is more than one Ashley King in Montgomery County, and the other Ashley King has been fielding a lot of questions and concerns.

"You wouldn't come see me if you thought I was smuggling money from people," joked the "other" Ashley King, who is a stylist at a beauty salon in Mount Sterling.

"I've had close friends that were messaging me and calling my husband to see if I was okay, (and) if it was me," she said.

More messages flooded in as the story spread.

"They were just really angry in the messages thinking, 'Surely this can't be you! You wouldn't do this!'" she described.

Aside from the same name, the Ashleys also have young sons, except the "other" Ashley King's son actually has struggled with health issues.

"He was born 'preemie' and had stuff ongoing," she answered, adding that she finds it hurtful to hear what the indicted Ashley King is accused of.

"I couldn't imagine using that."

Others came to King's defense after comments and questions started being shared on the salon's Facebook page. "People said, 'I'm not going to go there anymore, if that's her.' That's not her!" reacted Brooke Burgess, a loyal customer.

"I knew there was another Ashley King, my husband actually went to school with her," said Tiffany Carroll, King's co-worker, "I was surprised that people actually thought it was our Ashley King."

While this is just a case of mistaken identity, it still posed problems.

"Getting messages at midnight and one o'clock in the morning about this, it got very tiresome very quick," expressed King, adding that she and Carroll both feared that a negative association would affect business.

So to clear the air, this Ashley King is not the indicted Ashley King and she hopes that's the end of the mistaken identity.

"If I got a speeding ticket, I'd freak out and cry," she laughed.

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