Monday's weather is not a sign of things to come

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The beginning of the work week looks pretty nice. We'll have a mix of sun and clouds in here for Monday. Temperatures will likely climb into the mid 40s for highs. Don't let your guard down though. The intense cold is only a couple of days away.

A round of snow and solid cold will be on the move for Tuesday. This round has accumulation possibilities too. This will be the first big push of colder air too. Afternoon readings will only range around the low to mid 20s. That same airmass has single digit lows tied to it.

This lasts a few days, the coldest period will be from Tuesday-Friday. A couple of days could get stuck in the upper teens for daytime highs. One thing we have learned is that if you are that cold... it doesn't take much wind to make it feel terrible outside.

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