Monitoring the snow fall in Frankfort

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) -- As the snow moves in state officials are keeping a close eye on conditions around the state. Earlier today, they were watching as four inches fell on western Kentucky. Now, they're focusing on our part of the state.

As the winter storm beats down on the Commonwealth, a room inside the Transportation Cabinet building becomes the hub for road conditions across Kentucky. The Transportation Cabinet showed WKYT inside the room, and how they stay on top of road conditions.

There's always someone inside the Transportation Operations Center, but when a winter storm threatens, it really comes to life.

"This room is a 24-hour operation," said Nancy Albright, Director of the Division of Maintenance.

The "War Room," as it's commonly called, gives workers a real-time look at road conditions all across Kentucky.

"The western districts and the western counties and the Ohio River getting up into Louisville and up into Northern Kentucky along the river. They're seeing a lot of heavy snow," said Albright, as traffic cameras showed images of snowy highways.

Through the evening, they say the main threat here in the Bluegrass will be ice.

"This time what we're seeing more is wet roads that turn as the temperatures are dropping and the pavement temperatures are dropping its turning into freezing rain and the water on the pavement is turning to ice, so we're having to deal with that as it's occurring," said Albright.

They say they'll be at their posts until the last snowflake, raindrop, or ice pellet has fallen.

"Here at the statewide office, we monitor it for the duration of the storm. As long as we have crews out and about, we'll make sure everything's OK," said Albright.

If drivers find themselves stranded along the road, the Transportation Cabinet's SAFE Patrol vehicles will be out. If you need help, dial 5-1-1.

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