Montgomery County class ring found in Vietnam store

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It's a piece of personal history that likely belongs to someone in this yearbook from Montgomery County High School.

If this class ring could talk, "The ring has probably had more experiences than humans!" exclaimed Donna McGuire, public relations for the Montgomery County Schools.

The 1970 Montgomery County Class Ring was found inside a store just over a year ago... in Vietnam!

"It's generated a lot of interest," said McGuire, who explained it was discovered by a Pennsylvania man working as a contractor overseas. The man bought it in hopes of returning the ring to the rightful owner.

"We don't know what the story is behind it," stated McGuire, "but you have to feel like if someone was in Vietnam and lost a class ring you don't know what their experiences in Vietnam, or whether they even returned from Vietnam. You'd think the person or the family members would like to have that memento."

McGuire is taking on the challenge of finding the owner, but the search is coming up empty. The answer isn't in the class yearbook, or among other classmates from that generation. She's even made a Facebook post on the schools page, but she's still waiting for a name.

"Hopefully it'll lead to something," expressed McGuire, "I hope that we find the owner of the ring and that he's thankful to get it back."

For now, the ring sits waiting to be claimed by the rightful owner, but at least it's back on the right side of the world.

The Montgomery County High School says there is a way to correctly identify the missing owner. There is a distinguishing quality to the ring, and they're hoping the owner will be able to describe it.

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