Montgomery shelter overrun with cats

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The Montgomery County Animal Shelter is overcrowded.

The animal shelter is set up to house 22 cats and 44 dogs. But right now, they have 62 cats and only a few cages left to house any incoming dogs.

While it isn't unusual for this shelter to be over capacity during this time of year, officials say it seems like as soon as someone adopts a bundle of cats, more just keep coming in.

"We had three ladies about three weeks ago come in, rescue ladies, pick up 35 cats and that helped us. But within a week, we were full again," said Stewart Morton, the Montgomery County Dog Warden.

That influx of animals is starting to take a toll on employees and volunteers. It also requires more food and supplies, both of which the shelter mostly relies on through donations.

A rescuer did pick up several animals on Friday morning. She says this overcrowding issue serves as a reminder why pet owners need to spay and neuter.

"Cats are prolific breeders. They will have three litters a year. They breed more than dogs do, so that's probably another reason there's more cats. And people just don't think about when they abandon them, or just take them out to the barn in the country, that they're still producing," said Elaine Fuerniss.

If you would like to adopt a dog or cat or drop off any donations, the shelter is open weekdays from 7 to 3:30.

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