Monticello school district board votes to merge with Wayne County

MONTICELLO, Ky. (WKYT) - Auntrea Burchett has three children in the Monticello school district. On Tuesday she learned that the school board voted Monday night to dissolve itself, and merge with Wayne County.

“We got up and were told there had been a meeting, and it was a vote of 3-2 to consolidate the schools. A complete shock,” said Burchett in hearing news of the planned merger.

“As of now we have more expenditures than we do revenue,” said Monticello superintendent Gary Abbott.

School officials say the problem is simply not enough money to go on.

“When the enrollment falls down, assessments go down, the state revenue goes down, expenses do no necessarily go down with it,” said Monticello Schools Chief Financial Officer Bill Boyd.

Next year all Monticello students will become part of the Wayne County district., if the board's decision sticks.

“I worry about them getting that one on one attention. Personal connection with the teachers,” said Burchett.

Monticello is currently seeking state management. School officials say it’s too early to say what will happen with the district’s jobs or facilities.

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