More prayer for Newtown shooting victims' families

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Across the nation, there is an outpouring support for those affected by what happened in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday.

That includes dozens of people that came together Sunday night to remember the victims and their families at a prayer service right here in central Kentucky.

The shooting victims' names came across the screens at Harmony Christian Church in Georgetown as they prayed for the families of those murdered on Friday knowing the unthinkable could happen anywhere.

"Good opportunity for the community to get together and lift up those families and specifically look at our community and kind of boost the morale around here and say we're blessed," said John Welch, a teaching pastor at Harmony Christian Church.

They don't usually hold Sunday night services, but this church congregation felt it was necessary for people to come together, miles from where tragedy struck in Connecticut.

"I feel very much that prayer from the community if faith, not just in Connecticut, but all over the United States and all over the world for that matter," said Dean Scott, the senior minister.

A young member of the church also decided to do something special. The teen came up with the idea to make ribbons in remembrance of those killed.

14-year-old Allie Zeller says it took her five hours to make 150 ribbons with safety pins to wear. She passed them out one by one as people gathered for the service.

She says the thought of her seven-year-old brother is the reason why this school shooting has affected her so much, and she felt compelled to do something.

"I found out at school on Friday, and it broke my heart because I can't imagine losing my brother," said Zeller.

Zeller and others at Harmony Christian Church say they are relying on the power of prayer since they cannot be with these families affected in Connecticut.

At the service, they also discussed their community and the importance of being close with your children.

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