More scattered storms this evening.

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The pattern really hasn't changed much at all. Once again, we expect scattered showers and thunderstorms to move through our area. This time a frontal boundary is a little more involved. This could mean we see some stronger storms develop. Some of those that fire up could even be considered severe. While we aren't expecting a severe weather outbreak, I do expect some could reach that level.

Our driving force for these stronger storms will be the frontal boundary. After it clears our area I expect things to look much better around here. Even on Friday it looks like chances of showers and storms are much lower for Central Kentucky. Better chances exist in Southern KY. That doesn't mean we'll stay completely dry, but I like our odds.

This cleansing front won't do much for temperatures. What wee will see is less humidity and rain taken out of the equation for at least one whole day. Luckily, it will be the start of the weekend that remains rain free.

Those showers and storms will return by Sunday. It'll be a return of the scattered showers and thunderstorm activity for all of us. After that pattern returns it will stick around for a while.

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