More shelters open due to cold

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)-Several groups are making speacial arrangements to help struggling community members and the homeless as teperatures take a dive.

"We have nowhere to go," explained s homeless man who did not want to be identified as he waited outside the Catholic Action Center on Fifth Street.

This homeless man is one of dozens counting on help from the Catholic Action Center today and the Community Inn tonight. He says knowing that temperatures are going to be the lowest we've seen in two years is unsettling.

A lot of fear; I could freeze to death. Like, right now, my hands are so cold and I don't have gloves. Even when I put my hands in my pockets, my hands are still cold."

Because so many are unprepared for the bitterly cold nights ahead, volunteers opened up God's Net on East Seventh Street today to try and give out coats, blankets, gloves and hats. They say they're in dire need of all of those things.

"It isn't just cold, it's dangerous for our folks on the street," explained Director Ginny Ramsey as she supervised volunteers organizing blankets to give away. "We're trying to make adjustments to be sure they will have what they need and not end up frost bitten."

In addition to taking donations at God's Net, there are easy ways you can even click on the internet to donate. Ramsey says folks can click on their website,, and use paypal to donate. She says donors can even earmark the money they give to go specifically for needed items.

"We'll have people out buying blankets tonight," Ramsey said.

Ramsey says they'll also open up the Community Inn 15 minutes early at 6:45 this evening to start checking in guests before folks are bused over from the Catholic Action Center at 7.

"What I ask people keep in mind that there are people out there on the streets and to keep them in your prayers."

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