More than 60 cats taken from Garrard County home

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LANCASTER, Ky. (WKYT) - The Garrard County Animal Shelter is putting out a plea for help after more than 60 cats were rescued from a bad situation. The cats were taken from a Garrard County home on Monday. Officials say they had been neglected.

"I've actually never seen a situation like this before," said Animal Control Director Earlene Harris.

The health department reported the homeowner to animal control after receiving anonymous complaints. When officials arrived 26 cats were outside in kennels with no food or water and 35 were inside.

Animal Control needed a warrant to enter the home. Once inside, they began rescuing cats. One of them bit Harris on the hand. She was the only one to get injured. Officials say the animals have been neglected and abused.

"None of these cats had their rabies vaccines. All of these cats seemed to be semi-feral or feral cats," said Harris.

The shelter typically holds 20 to 30 cats. Now, workers are trying to manage three times that amount. Harris is asking for the community's help to provide cat supplies. Anyone interested can drop off items at the shelter.

The cats will eventually be eligible for adoption, but there's no telling how long it'll take.

There are still 15 cats on the loose. Animal Control will set traps to rescue and vaccinate them.

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