More than 80 crashes reported in Lexington, including a fire truck

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FAYETTE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington Police have provided new information on the number of crashes officers have responded to since snow and ice began falling Friday morning. As of 3:00pm Friday police reported 74 non injury crashes in the city and 7 injury collisions.


Lexington Police provided an update just before noon Friday on the traffic condition in the city. Police say, since 9:00 am, 26 non injury and 5 injury collisions were reported in the city. Police say they have received reports of black ice on the roads, especially in the areas of overpasses and at I-75/I-64 northern split.

At noon one lane of east I-64 was still closed, at mile marker 71, as crews cleaned up oil from a collision. They expected to have that lane back open by 1:00pm.


Numerous crashes have been reported in Fayette County, as the wintry weather presses on.

One crash involves a fire truck. We're told Engine 8 flipped on I-64, on mile marker 73. It was responding to a crash on mile marker 72. No injuries were reported.

We're told there has also been a crash at the 71 mile marker.

City crews say trucks were out in Lexington at 5 a.m., and will continue working all sections of the city throughout the day as necessary.

The city urges drivers to use caution when traveling and increase their breaking distance.

Citizens may also call the Traffic Hotline through the city's Traffic Management Center at 258-3611 to hear traffic updates or check local road conditions.

The public can get information on accidents, lane blockages, snow-and-ice trouble spots and road closures through Twitter (@lexwrecks) or through the Crosstown Traffic show. The show broadcasts live from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. weekday mornings on cable GTV3.

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