More wet weather could impact autumn pumpkin crop

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - It's almost time to pick pumpkins in the Bluegrass State but with about a week to go until they start to ripen, farmers say that if the cool, damp weather continues it could impact the crop this autumn.

Pumpkins across the state are already behind schedule a bit due to cooler than normal temperatures in July, but if the state gets more wet weather into September, it could pose a more serious threat to the crop.

"Most of the crop is at risk," says Stephen Fister, family owner of Bi-Water Farm in Georgetown. "When a pumpkin sits on the ground it picks up all of the bacteria and pathogens off of the ground. That sets up in extreme moist times and that sets up rot and decay in the pumpkins."

Fister says that of the 30 years that Bi-Water Farm has been growing pumpkins, that this summer ranks among one of the worst.

"We have probably have dealt with water before but this year is kind of taking it to the extremes of that. Have we done it before? Absolutely, but this is really stretching the issue this year."

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