Morehead State University picking up pieces after fire

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MOREHEAD, Ky. (WKYT) - Downing Hall, damaged by a fire Sunday morning, was scheduled to be demolished in just a few months. There were still several people, including Kentucky State Police in its offices. Now, they and Morehead State University are working to figure out how to move forward.

"Just seeing what we can salvage," said Morehead State University's Harry Gunn.

The day after a fire destroyed a big portion of Downing Hall, workers in the Department of Risk Management started moving out of their offices.

"The power's out, the water's out, and the heat's out. Since the building is scheduled to be torn down, we're going to go ahead and move out until our permanent facilities are finished," said Gunn.

Their office wasn't damaged, but another one leased by the Kentucky State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement division had smoke and water damage. Officers said their hard drives were recovered and are secure somewhere else. The university tennis and softball teams stored their equipment in the hardest-hit end of the building. Officials are concerned now that copper left exposed in the rubble will be a prime target for thieves.

"Morehead State University has our own police department and we're pretty vigilant in the off-hours. As you can see there's quite a few police cars up here now. It'll be watched pretty closely," said Gunn.

While workers were able to save the hard drives from the Kentucky State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division, officers on the scene said there were some archive documents inside that likely won't be salvageable.