Morgan County grandparents accused of malnourishing 10-year-old boy

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WEST LIBERTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It's a case that will leave many in shock, even Trooper Joe Veeneman of the Kentucky State Police said, "It seemed a little bizarre."

In September of 2013, police were contacted after a 10-year-old boy was found to be severely malnourished.

"The child was only 48 pounds," the trooper explained, "it's very severe. Basically you're talking about a child who probably weighs half of what he should."

The boy was first taken to the Morgan County hospital by his grandparents, the child's legal guardians, but he was quickly rushed to Lexington because his condition was so bad, according to police.

"The child was having a hard time speaking, as well as, walking," described Trooper Veeneman.

The child is one of six in his David and Shelley Wright's care, and yet investigators say he was the only child reportedly treated like this.

"Not sure why it was one as opposed to the rest of them but he was the only victim of any type of abuse," Trooper Veeneman said.

A Morgan County grand jury recently indicted the couple, and Monday night they turned themselves in on charges of abuse. However, their son says the charges are bogus.

"It's bull [expletive]. Excuse my language. I don't know if I'm allowed to say that or not," said Christopher Wright.

He went on to say the six children came to the Wrights several years ago after being starved by his sister and her husband.

"Him and all the other kids; they all ate exactly the same," he said before adding that his nephew had a condition that he was getting help for.

"All of them gained weight. He had gotten big and then something went on, I don't know."

There is one thing Wright is sure of, his parents did not abuse the child.

"My mom and dad raised five kids," he said, before rhetorically asking, "they get these six kids, (and) they're going to suddenly change?"

While Wright defended his parents, the reality remains that the pair are indicted and now in jail for the abuse. Police say the children have all been placed in other homes, and the 10-year-old is recovering well.

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