Morgan County man charged with animal cruelty.

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KELLACEY, Ky. (WYMT) - An animal shelter reached max capacity after taking dozens of dogs from a Morgan County home.

It was said to have all started with good intentions, but the conditions at a Morgan County home have now turned deadly for many stray dogs.

“When he first started people said he was going to find these stray dogs homes, that was fine. He wasn't doing that; to me he was just hoarding them up,” said neighbor Christina Goodpaster.

A total of 82 dogs were found at the home of Gary Roberson Friday.

Dozens were taken to the Morgan County Animal Shelter and 26 had to be euthanized.

Officials say Roberson was no longer caring for the animals.

“Apparently he fell on financial difficulties and hard times, and due to this he's unable to take care of these dogs,” said Chief Deputy Anthony Gullett.

Shelter officials said there were such a big number of dogs that they were overwhelmed and didn’t have enough food or recourses to take care for them.

“He had an overwhelming number, too many for one person to try and take on,” said Gullett.

Neighbors said they were glad officials stepped in to help.

“His intention might have been in the right place in the beginning, but once you see you can't take care of them, you need to do something,” said Goodpaster.

As a result, Roberson has been charged with 20 counts of animal cruelty.

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