Accidents tie up morning commute on busy road

LEXINGTON Ky. (WKYT) - It took our crews about twenty five minutes to get a matter of just a few miles, as traffic crept along on one of Lexington's busiest roads.

The inner loop of New Circle was tied up for more than an hour as crews tried to clean up the multi-car accident near and on the overpass.
When we arrived on scene, four cars remained. One had just been towed away minutes before our camera started rolling.

Some of them looked badly damaged, others appeared to fare a little better.
We asked an accident victim if everyone was ok, he said everyone in his vehicle was.

As the damaged vehicles were loaded up on the backs of wreckers, we asked a tow truck driver what had happened. He said it appeared one of the vehicles had perhaps stopped too quickly around the exit off of New Circle onto Harrodsburg Road, causing the chain reaction.

At this point it is unclear what caused the accident for sure.

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