Mosquito season: What's all the 'itch' about?

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - All the rain we've seen so far this summer could have you itching in the coming weeks! Experts say a wet summer could lead to a worse than normal mosquito season.

We're taught that rain is a good thing here in Kentucky but too much can bite!

"They're active not only in the evening but during the day," said Dr. Lee Townsend, who is a professor at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. "This is just the ideal time for the mosquitoes. They've got several weeks yet to build up in numbers. It's just a matter of being prepared and being proactive."

Using repellents is always encouraged if mosquitoes seem particularly drawn to you. But in the recent weather, repellents might not be enough. Dr. Townsend tells us the weather right now is a perfect storm and breeding grounds for more and more mosquitoes.

"You need two basic things for mosquitoes to really do well and one of them is water which we've certainly got and the other is warm temperatures," said Dr. Townsend.

Their numbers could double in the next couple of weeks. For now, the standing water left behind is the problem. That's what these little guys like the most.

"They can develop really fast in pretty small amounts of water that have accumulated," said Dr. Townsend. "And with the temperatures we have now, we're looking at 5 to 12 days for a lifecycle of some nuisance mosquitoes that can be a real problem for us for the rest of the summer."

But we all know a nuisance is better than dangerous. Dr. Townsend shared with us that the closest West Nile virus case reported was in Tennessee which is more than 100 miles away. And right now, there's still only the potential for a bad mosquito season. Health department officials shared with us that they spray for these annoying insects regularly.

Experts say to keep mosquitoes away from your home it's best to remove any kind of standing water. They also say citronella and marigold plants can also keep mosquitoes away.

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