State's most delinquent tax bills

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The Kentucky Department of Revenue keeps a file on its homepage that has each delinquent individual and business account. Today, we've been digging through that data to find out which accounts are the most delinquent.

According to the spreadsheet, there are millions upon millions of dollars the state is hoping to collects from delinquent taxpayers. The state says there are nearly 170,000 people and businesses who owe money.

"Some people, it's through no fault of their own, other people it's either mismanagement, it could be a bad economy, but occasionally you will have people who willfully don't pay their taxes," said Lori Flanery, secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet.

According to the records, Kenyatta James of Louisville owes the most statewide in taxes. That was the only person to break the million-dollar mark ringing up a bill of more than 2.6 million dollars. Lexingtonians seems to be paying more on their bills. Rosemary Kash has the most delinquent bill here at just more than $430,000.

Revenue officials hope the amnesty program will pay off big for the state.

"We have put in the budget $56 million as hopefully being able to obtain that. In 2002, we were able to get a little over $40 million dollars in an amnesty effort," said Flanery.

The tax amnesty program is over at the end of November.