One arrested in deadly Duncan Park shooting

Lexington Police say one has been arrested in a deadly Lexington shooting at a populated park in broad daylight.

A male teenager was arrested Monday evening. He is charged in the murder of 21-year-old Antonio Franklin, Jr. The suspect's name likely won't be released, because he is a juvenile.

We're told the case is still under investigation, and other arrests are likely.

Police say a group of people had gathered at the park at the time. They do not think Franklin was the intended victim.
The mother of a young man shot in a Lexington park is pleading with the people responsible to turn themselves in.

Lexington Police say they believe Antonio Franklin was an innocent bystander when he was shot Sunday evening. He died Monday at the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

"I thought I would start crying, but I'm smiling, and that is the type of person he was, he was a very nice kid," said Antonio's mother, Anita Franklin, Thursday afternoon as she discussed her son.

Anita Franklin will bury her oldest son on Saturday. She learned he had been shot from his younger brother, Ricardo.

"He was very calm and he said 'Mom have you talked to Tony?' and I said 'Well no,' and he said 'Someone had called me and said he had been shot.'"

Antonio was at Duncan Park on Sunday, just a few blocks from his home, when he was shot in the head. Police say there was group of people at the park and they don't believe he was the intended target.

"I frequently would say 'Be careful,'" Franklin said. "Tony was very trusting and he would say 'Oh mom, it's alright.'"

Lexington Police say they are still searching for the people responsible. Franklin says her family needs the people who killed Antonio brought to justice. Her 21-year-old son had plans to go back to school.

"He wanted to get into animation," she said. "He talked about going to work for Disney, and drawing, he could draw."

She's taking solace in knowing Antonio was able to help others even after his death.

"The loss of Tony's life gave life to five other people, Tony was an organ donor and they were able to match and place five of his organs."

Now his family needs help, finding his killers and paying for his funeral. A fund has been set up to help pay for Antonio's burial.

"As a single parent, with help from my family, we have raised good kids, and he was a good kid, and I can smile because I know that God needed him more than we needed him here," Franklin said.

Donation can be made at any Chase Bank to the Antonio Franklin Funeral Fund.

Anita Franklin says if there is any excess money from her son's funeral fund they plan to start a scholarship at Kentucky State University where he had been a student.

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