Mother of alleged victim in Lexington sexual abuse case speaks out

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LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - Today in court, Lewis Street did not have an attorney and said he had not been able to place a phone call from jail to obtain one.

Who was in the court room, though, were family members of some of the victims he's accused of sexually abusing.

"I got cold chills, hair standing up all over my body. It just made me sick to see him," said the mother of one alleged victim.

She told WKYT's Sean Evans she wanted to talk about Street after his court appearance as long as we kept her identity concealed.
She says her daughter was sexually abused by Lewis Street seven years ago.

"I went and filed a complaint against him, and they didn't believe her then. They said he was telling the truth. But now, here it is seven years later, three other kids have been molested and my daughter is one of them that they're charging him for now," the woman said.

She continued, "All of this could've been prevented. These other kids wouldn't of had to go through all of this if they would've believed my daughter then. Its seven years later, she starting high school this year. She shouldn't have to be going through all this now."

Police say Street admitted to having sexual contact with three girls all under the age of 12. Investigators add none of the children were assaulted while street was working his job as an ice cream truck driver.

The judge is giving Street about a week to find an attorney.
He's due back in court next Wednesday.

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