Lexington mother says neighbor saved the day during unusual birth

On Monday we first told you about a Lexington mother who delivered her baby in a very unlikely place, a stranger's living room.

The mother is now out of the hospital and talking to WKYT about being thankful for a neighbor who went above and beyond to help her deliver her child.

When Alisa Alexa decided to make her entrance into the world earlier this week it was dramatic.

"Wow I didn't even make it to the hospital, I was shocked," said April Richardson.

When the 23-year-old realized she was in labor it was too late.

With no minutes on her cell phone to call for help Richardson ran next door to her neighbor, just hoping.

"Hopefully she is home, somebody is home," said Richardson.

Carolyn Gunter was home and she quickly jumped in to help.

"She said oh, my God my water broke and I looked at her and I said sure enough it did. I said what should I do? So I called the ambulance,"said Carolyn Gunter.

Within minutes Richardson was on Gunter's floor and having her fourth child.

"The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck a little bit, and then the ambulance finally showed up," said Richardson.

Despite all the things that could have gone wrong, Richardson's little bundle of joy is healthy and happy.

Richardson can't imagine what she would have done had it not been for a kind woman living next door who she is now thankful for.

"If it wasn't for her I would have delivered the baby all by myself with no one being there," said Richardson.

Alisa Alexa was welcomed home by her three siblings.

Both mom and baby are doing just fine.

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