Mother speaks up for daughter charged in murder case

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A former high school star athlete and his ex-girlfriend pleaded not guilty to killing that woman's current boyfriend in Winchester.

From the Clark County Jail, 26-year-old Percy Hargrove entered his plea. Previously known for his performance on the football field, Winchester Police arrested the former Scott County High School standout on murder charges.

Investigators say he shot and killed 33-year-old Andrew David Ingram. Police found Ingram's body under the deck of a home on Whitney Court.

In their arrest citation, police say Hargrove and Ingram knew each other, because both had a relationship with the same woman.

That woman , 26-year-old Sheena Tipton, now also faces charges in Ingram's death.

Police arrested her and charged her with complicity. Tipton's mother tells NEWSFIRST she can't believe the charges could be true.

"I cannot see my daughter doing something like this. With the way she is--she's always wanted to help people and be kind to people," says Sheila Shankel, Tipton's mother.

Tipton's mother says her daughter currently was in a relationship with Ingram, and says she has two children with Hargrove from their prior relationship.

The judge is appointing public defenders to Hargrove and Tipton as the case moves forward.

Hargrove also faces burglary and evidence tampering charges in addition to murder.

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