Motorcycle rally held to help bring soldiers home for Christmas

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - A group of bikers traveled more than ninety miles today in an effort to help some service members travel much further. The bikers are raising money to help bring them home in time for Christmas.

The group, Defining Forces, is mostly made up of veterans.

"After spending thirty years in the military myself and not being able to come home for Christmas because I may have had the leave time but not the money, it means a lot," said Chris "Doc" Disponett.

One member's personal experience with his son led to the fundraiser.

"He found out that it's pretty hard for service members to get home for Christmas so he took it upon himself last year just to get donations to help service members get home," Disponett said.

A fundraiser held last year raised $1,100 and brought four service members home for the holidays.

Along with a poker run, the group is held an auction and sold food. The event brought in riders from across the state.

"I saw this on the news last night and we called up some friends to come over today," said Tommy Slaven who rides with the Rolling Thunder group based out of Radcliffe.

The money will be used for travel expenses to help soldiers who are on leave. The men and women riding today say the people receiving this gift aren't the only ones being helped.

"It's also for the veterans that are here at home for the camaraderie," Disponett said.

Donations are also welcome at any Farmers Bank in an account named Soldiers Christmas/Defining Forces.

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