Mowing crew finds body off I-75 in Kenton County

Photo Courtesy of WKRC

KENTON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A partially-decomposed body was discovered along I-75 in Kenton County Tuesday morning.

A lawn mowing crew came across the body on the southbound side of the interstate, not far from a weigh station, while mowing the grass in the area.

Plice have been at the scene all day, searching for any clues that might help them figure out who this person was or how they died.

The body is in such bad shape, investigators aren't sure whether it's male or female, though they believe they have an idea. They say there's a good probability it's a female, based on some hair found at the scene.

Kentucky State Police working the Brookelyn Farthing missing person case in Madison County said they checked in with Kenton County police, but the remains don't match Farthing's description.

"Nothing here at the Kenton County Police Department, it doesn't match any missing persons, but were going to reach out to agencies in the tri-state area and see if we can positively identify the body as possibly a missing person," said Chief Brian Capps with Kenton County Police.

The far right lane of I-75 in southern Kenton County is shut down. Police say it'll stay that way for a few more hours while they investigate.

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