Much calmer weather the next couple days!

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It was a long night last night trying to keep up with all the warning around the region. Luckily these things move in and got out quickly. As for today it will be a much cooler day than what we felt yesterday, but at least it's not cold. It'll still be chilly in the fact that the winds will still be gusty at 15-25 mph, which will make our mid to upper 40s feel like lower 40s. We will be dry as well with mostly sunny skies.

The weekend features a half and half couple days. What I mean by that is Saturday looks great with highs in the 50s under sunny skies. Come Sunday we are looking at cooler conditions in the lower 40s with a chance at rain/snow. It's not a great chance, but it's still there.

Hear me when I say soak all of this mild weather up while you can because come next week the cold air and snow moves back into the area. Enjoy your Friday!

Meteorologist Micah Harris

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