Showers increase for Sunday

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Rounds of showers and thunderstorms will begin developing on Sunday. Some of those could produce heavy rounds of rain. That's our biggest concern moving forward. Once these storms begin, it will become the norm for our area over the next several days.

Several waves will roll across Kentucky moving through the new work week as well. Each one will have plenty of moisture to dump on the area. A general rainfall forecast from Sunday through Wednesday highlights the potential for 1"-3" of rainfall. That's just a general rainfall forecast. Any single storm could rack up even higher totals. So high water concerns an flooding will remain a concern.

Temperatures will try to fight back and make a run into the 80s each day. The humidity will remain on the high side between some of these thunderstorms early this week. This will make for some pretty uncomfortable days during the beginning of the week.

We'll watch the skies as these storms roll into our area.

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