Mudslide shuts down Madison County road

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - Madison county code enforcement officials said mudslides have happened four or five times on one hillside over the past year and a half. Now they say they're looking into taking legal action to stop this from happening again.

"They've got a mudslide here! Makes about the third time this year," said Lorena Lawson.

Over and over again, a hillside along Tates Creek Road in Madison County has washed out, blocking the road and cutting off the people who live here.

"It's just a long way around!" said Lawson.

Officials said the mudslides are partially man-made.

"The owner of the property had gone up and benched an area on the hillside. They had removed quite a few trees that were stabilizing the bank," said Madison County Code Enforcement official Duane Curry. He said he would look into taking legal action against the landowner.

"We sent notices to the property owner and to the realtors that had the property listed for sale and it's my intention to go back to the fiscal court and seek some kind of legal action to get this remedied once and for all," he said.

In the meantime, people passing through the area are dealing with it as best they can and keeping a close eye on the hill.

"It's just, when's the next one going to happen?" said neighbor Lee Rhodus.

Road crew workers said they'd keep personnel nearby all night just in case anything else happens on the hill.