Multiple car tires slashed in state parking garage

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - A string of vandalisms at a parking garage for state employees has authorities searching for who's responsible.

Just before 5:00 Wednesday morning, police say about ten vehicles in the State Transportation Cabinet parking garage in Frankfort were found with slashed tires. It wasn't until daylight that officers discovered about a dozen more.

Most of the vehicles had one or two tires slashed. Several of them were state issued, while others belonged to state employees.

Police do have surveillance video of the overnight crime. Officers say it appears two teenagers may be responsible, but they're still looking for more clues.

"If somebody saw something or somebody in that area that looked suspicious, looked out of place, please contact police," says Capt. Rob Warfel, Frankfort Police Department. "That area there is well marked with surveillance cameras. So we're trying to obtain some of that and possibly get that information out to the public.

Police say some cars surrounding the State Transportation Cabinet building were vandalized as well.

Anyone with information about these vandalisms should call Frankfort Police.

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