Murder arrest brings relief to family of victim

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SADIEVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Like a lot of other people across the snowy Bluegrass today Tommy Kidwell spent the morning digging out. But unlike most other people Tommy's been doing a lot of digging over the past four years.

"Lot of bad memories," Kidwell said.

Tomorrow marks the four-year anniversary of his mother's murder. Sue Jones was beaten and killed inside her home.

"It's a good too it's the barrier. It was a long hard trail," he said.

That's when the digging started. He and his family hoped to uncover answers.

"I'm not a policeman so I let them do their job," Kidwell said.

And Tommy found himself digging out from underneath something else.

"There still a lot of people who thought I did it. There were whispers when I walked into a place and people turned their heads," he said.

This weekend, investigators arrested two people in connection with Jones' murder. They say Nicholas Willinger went into Jones' house that day to steal cash, not expecting she'd be home, but she was. They say he killed her with a blunt instrument.

"Some anger, some fear, the whole gamut," Kidwell said.

Tommy feels better today. Having dug out from under the suspicions of the community, he's ready to bury that chapter.

"I seen Mama the night before she got killed. She was happy. She just found out she didn't have cancer. She was dancing around here and that's the memory I want. I don't want nothing to do with the court proceedings," he said.

Police haven't released the name of the second person arrested.

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