Nicholas County murder solved nearly 11 years later

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NICHOLAS COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - On Abner's Mill Road, in Nicholas County, nearly 11 years ago the quiet community found one of their own murdered in his own home.

"It was March 31, 2003, the individual had a single gunshot wound to the head," stated Trooper David Jones with the Kentucky State Police.

Investigators with KSP went to work trying to find the killer of David Sadler, but answers were hard to come by.

"We've been working it and had our guys following up on anything that's come in," he said of the progress, adding that the case, though old in nature, was never given up on.

Still so much has changed in the time that's passed. For example, Sadler's property can still be found, but his home burned down some years ago.

"Well he lived real close to me, he was my neighbor," said Perry Price of the crime that captured the attention of many, "Kind of faded away, you know, not thinking about it anymore."

The case went unsolved and time marched on until finally a break came.

"Just more people have recently come forward with some pertinent information," said Trooper Jones, declining to elaborate on what finally led police to Shawn Fryman.

Trooper Jones said they found their suspect at his Harrison County home and he added that Fryman knew the victim and he has always been on their radar.

"This guys been a suspect the whole time, we just didn't have enough to get the warrant," explained the trooper.

"I've heard the name, yeah, I have," reacted Price.

I spoke with others who live in the area, and while they didn't want to go on camera they did tell me they knew Sadler and have wondered who was behind his death all these years. For them, the arrest brought relief and for one person it even confirmed his own suspicion.

"It's very nice to solve a case that we've had for this long," said Trooper Jones.

"I think it's kind of amazing. I do. I'm just glad they finally caught somebody for it," added Price.

While that answer is finally found, even more than a decade later, peace can now be found in the hills of Nicholas County.

"It's been a long time," concluded Price.

Investigators say the arrest comes as a relief for Sadler's family, but the process is only beginning. Trooper Jones said they still don't have a motive for the murder.

Fryman, who used to live in Nicholas County, has been charged with one count of murder and is housed at the Bourbon County Detention Center.

If anyone has any further information regarding this case, please contact the Kentucky State Police at 859-428-1212.

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